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The Can-O-Worms

Monday 15 November 2004, by A correspondent

The odourless living composting kitchen and household waste System is now available in France.

This exiting new composting system is the result of years of research and development, to utilize the benefits
of worms - nature’s own recyclers. By putting the worms to work in this innovative system you will be converting
your food waste into nutritient rich, 100% oragnic fertiliser that your potted plants, garden and vegetables will love !

Worms eat about half of their own weight of food waste every day and they never sleep!
They will produce up to 15 litres of compost every month and about a litre of liquid fertiliser everyday!

JPEG - 11.6 kb
The Can of Worms

Absolutely odourless, the Can-O-Worms is neat and unobtrusive. It makes every aspect of composting easier and quicker. Its innovative layered structure gives it a huge surface area to ensure the fastest possible recycling and also lets you see at a glance how worms are doing. The layers also helps when it comes time to harvest the finish compost. It is so versatile that it can be situated inside a cellar, garage or shed or outdoors in a sheltered location. For flat dwellers the kit can even be left on the balcony. Its dimensions (70cm high - Diameter 50cm) and design make it fun and handy to use for all ages.

Most important of all, you will reduce landfil waste by reducing the amount of waste you now throw away.

The Can-O-Worms is made in Australia from 100% post consumer recycled plastic.

Order now !
Art Bio : "The Art of Recycling"
(Association Loi 1901)
6, rue des Orfèvres
34120 Pézenas

Phone us on 04 67 98 51 66
Order Online:
LAST MINUTE NEWS: Art Bio will be pleased to welcome you
the 5th Bio Show
3rd - 5th December2004 - MONTPELLIER
info: 04 67 98 51 66 or 06 12 05 82 39
Come and Discover the Can-O-Worms and our activites!

It’s easy! We just have to make the commitment

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