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3 Great Movies for next 2 months of PECC

‘The wind that shakes the barley’ screens this Weekend- November Fri / Ven 3 (20H45) + Sun / Dim 5 (17H).

Thursday 2 November 2006, by Sarah Ridout

The next 3 PECC movies are:
1. ‘The wind that shakes the barley’ November Fri / Ven 3 (20H45) + Sun / Dim 5 (17H). Acclaimed + controversial come + make up your own mind;
2. Perfume / Le Parfum the long-awaited film of the cult novel - is the first PECC bonus for the season - for one night only November Fri / Ven 17 (20H45);
3. The Queen - December Fri / Ven 1 (20H45) + Sun / Dim 3 (17H)

Make sure you come to PECC and see the latest, most acclaimed movies while supporting the community we live in by donating to Secours Populaire!

1. All tickets can be bought direct from the Cinema before the session;
2. There will be a free Season Pass available from the Cinema.
3. PECC is supporting a local charity and we have increased the ticket price to include this. The ticket price will be €4 (€3 is the Cinema’s discount group rate for PECC and €1 to Secours Populaire). You can donate more than €1 each session there will be a box there for extra donations - the more the better as this is an important charity that helps those less fortunate (families, children) in the very community we live in. Many of us have moved from other parts of France or other countries to live in this beautiful and generous area and have been welcomed into the community.

This support of the Secours Populaire is a small attempt to reach out to the local community and give something back.

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